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1962 was the last year of American innocence; before the assassination of John F. Kennedy, before Vietnam; before the protests, the drugs and the "sexual revolution"; before Watergate and the great division of American culture. But 1962 also represents one of those years that stand out in history, like 1776, 1865, 1927, 1945, 1989 and 2001. It was a year of enormous cultural change, in which the tides of modern politics were formed, thus shaping the world we have lived in ever since.

1962 was also one of the greatest years in the history of sports; a particularly great California sports season in which the Southern California Trojans won the national championship in football, the recently-arrived Los Angeles Lakers started their famed rivalry with the Boston Celtics; and the transplanted New York teams, the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers, intensified their rivalry in ways never even seen back east.

In one of the greatest pennant races of all time, the Giants survived to overtake the favored Dodgers, only to face the winner of New York’s war of baseball attrition, the fabled Yankees, in a classic World Series for the ages. While all of this was going on, events were taking place in Washington, Moscow and Cuba that would have profound consequences on the Cold War and beyond.

The easygoing Beach Boys persona of L.A., the last vestiges of San Francisco sophistication, and the final throes of Sinatra swank in the Big Apple, were threatened by the Earth-shaking fact that the Soviets were planting missiles in Fidel Castro’s enslaved Communist Cuba. While baseball games were being played, a deadly serious chess match was fought between President Kennedy, Castro and Soviet Premier Nikita Kruschev.

Here are the heroes: Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford; Willie Mays and Willie McCovey; Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale. Here is Hollywood adoration of the Dodgers; San Francisco’s psychic battle between inferiority and superiority; and New York: the New Rome, rulers of sport and society. We see the Angels in the "Sunset Strip summer" of '62; across the continent, the comical Mets as a sideshow; and of course, the “missiles of October.”



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Steven Travers is a USC graduate and ex-professional baseball player. He is the author of the best-selling Barry Bonds: Baseball’s Superman, nominated for a Casey Award (best baseball book of 2002). He is also the author of The USC Trojans: College Football’s All-Time Greatest Dynasty (a National Book Network “top 100 seller”); One Night, Two Teams: Alabama vs. USC and the Game That Changed a Nation (subject of a documentary and major motion picture, a 2007 PNBA nominee); five books in the Triumph/Random House Essential series (A’s, Dodgers, Angels, D’backs, Trojans); The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Los Angeles Lakers; The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Oakland Raiders; The Good, the Bad & the Ugly San Francisco 49ers; The Last Miracle: Tom Seaver and the 1969 Amazin’ Mets; College Football's All-Time Top 25 Traditions TITLE WILL CHANGE and A Tale of Three Cities: New York, L.A. and San Francisco in October of ‘62. Steve was a columnist for StreetZebra magazine in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Examiner. He also penned the screenplay, The Lost Battalion. Travers helped lead Redwood High School of Marin County, California to the baseball national championship his senior year; attended college on an athletic scholarship; was an all-conference pitcher; and coached at USC, Cal-Berkeley and in Europe. He also attended law school, served in the Army, and is a guest lecturer at the University of Southern California. A fifth generation Californian, Steve has a daughter, Elizabeth Travers and still resides in the Golden State.

Books written by Steven Travers

One Night, Two Teams: Alabama vs. USC and the Game That Changed A Nation (also a documentary, Tackling Segregation, and soon to be a major motion picture)

A’s Essential: Everything You Need to Know to Be A Real Fan!

Trojans Essential: Everything You Need to Know to Be A Real Fan!

Dodgers Essential: Everything You Need to Know to Be A Real Fan!

Angels Essential: Everything You Need to Know to Be A Real Fan!

D’Backs Essential: Everything You Need to Know to Be A Real

The USC Trojans: College Football's All-Time Greatest Dynasty

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Los Angeles Lakers

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Oakland Raiders

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly San Francisco 49ers

Barry Bonds: Baseball’s Superman

College Football’s Top 25 All-Time Greatest Traditions TITLE WILL CHANGE

The Last Miracle: Tom Seaver and the 1969 Amazin’ Mets

A Tale of Three Cities: New York, L.A. and San Francisco in October of ‘62

God's Country: A Conservative, Christian Worldview of How History Formed the United States Empire and America's Manifest Destiny for the 21st Century

Angry White Male

The Writer’s Life

Praise for Steven Travers

Steve Travers is the next great USC historian, in the tradition of Jim Murray, John Hall, and Mal Florence! . . . The Trojan Nation needs your work!

- USC Head Football Coach Pete Carroll

I knew you loved USC, but you really love USC! This is a book about American society. It sheds incredible light on little-known events that every American must know to understand this country . . . In 20 years, people will say of this book what they said about Roger Kahn's The Boys of Summer.

- Fred Wallin, CRN national sportstalk host

Steve Travers combines wit, humor, social pathos and historical knowledge with the kind of sports expertise that only an ex-jock is privy to; it is reminiscent of the work of Jim Bouton, Pat Jordan and Dan Jenkins, combined with Jim Murray’s turn of phrase, Hunter Thompson’s hard-scrabble Truths, and David Halberstam’s unique take on our nation’s place in history. His writing is great storytelling, and the result is pure genius every time.

- Westwood One sports media personality Mike McDowd

Steve Travers is a great writer, an educated athlete who knows how to get inside the player’s heads, and when that happens, greatness occurs. He’s gonna be a superstar.

- Dave Burgin/Editor, San Francisco Examiner

Steve Travers is a phenomenal writer, an artist who labors over every word to get it just right, and he has an encyclopedic knowledge of sports and history.

- StreetZebra magazine

Steve Travers is a Renaissance man.

  • Jim Rome Show

Travers' new book finally explains the phenomenon . . . the Bonds tale is spelled out in the most thorough, interesting, revealing, concise manner ever reached.

- Maury Allen/, Gannett Newspapers

Travers appears to have the right credentials for the task: He is a former minor leaguer who also penned screenplays in addition to a column for the San Francisco Examiner. He calls on that background in crafting a straightforward, warts-and-all profile that remains truthful without becoming a mean-spirited hatchet job . . .

- USA Today Baseball Weekly

This is a fascinating book written by a man who knows his subject matter inside and out.

- Irv Kaze/KRLA Radio, Los Angeles

Get this book. You've brought Bonds to life.

- Fred Wallin/Syndicated sportstalk host, Los Angeles

This promises to be the biggest sports book of 2002.

- Greg Papa/KTCT Radio, San Francisco

This cat struck out Kevin Mitchell five times in one game. I'll read the book for that reason alone. Plus, he hangs out with Charlie Sheen. How do I get that gig?

- Rod Brooks/Fitz & Brooks, KNBR Radio, San Francisco

. . . gossipy, easy-to-read tale . . . explores the sports culture that influences this distinguished slugger . . . entertaining.

- Library Journal

Warts-and-all . . . Travers explores Bonds' mercurial temper and place in baseball history.

- Novato Journal

the first comprehensive biography of Barry Bonds.

- Bud Geracie/San Jose Mercury News

Travers thought he hit the jackpot . . .

- Furman Bischer, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Travers…hit the big time . . . Travers . . . established himself as a writer of many dimensions . . . a natural . . . You were ahead of your time with the Bonds book. I still think it is the best biography of him I've seen. It does more to capture his personality than all the steroid books and articles.

- John Jackson/Ross Valley Reporter

Travers is a minor league pitcher-turned-sportswriter, and therefore qualified to evaluate [Larry] Dierker's thought process in ordering all those walks regardless of the score or the situation.

- Stan Hochman/Philadelphia Daily News

. . . looks at all of Barry's warts, yet remains in the end favorable to him. Not an easy balancing act. This is not your average sports book. It is edgy and filled with laughs . . . and inside baseball. Good, solid reading.


It's a great read.

- Pete Wilson/KGO Radio, San Francisco

This is a good book that really covers his whole life, and informs us where Bonds is coming from. His entire life is laid out. He is very qualified to continue to write books such as this one. Good job.

- Marty Lurie/Right off the Bat Oakland A’s pre-game host

. . . a quality piece . . . (Travers) uses his experiences in baseball . . . providing a humorous glimpse into the life of a player. Would I recommend this book? Absolutely . . . laughed out loud several times at Travers' unique way of explaining his experiences. This book is definitely worth the time.

- John Kenny/

Travers’ account mentions everything from cocaine to sex to car crashes to what Bonds said he would do to Roger Clemens . . . more than a “hit” piece.

- Johnson City Press

Travers' book does do a more well-rounded job of solving the mystery of who Bonds is . . . appealing . . . is the more inside look at Bonds in Travers' book.

- San Jose Mercury News

. . . Travers' work is every baseball aficionado's dream.

- Fairfield Daily Republic

You've created quite a stir here at the station, with the Giants, and throughout baseball.

  • Rick Barry/Hall of Fame basketball star and sportstalk host, KNBR Radio, San Francisco

You've stirred a hornet's nest here, man.

- J.T. “The Brick”/Syndicated national sportstalk host

This is a controversial subject and a controversial player, but you've educated us.

- Ron Barr/Sportsline, Armed Forces Radio Network

A baseball player who can write . . . who knew? This one sure can!

- Arny “The Stinkin’ Genius” Spanyer/Fox Sports Radio, Los Angeles

You know baseball like few people I've ever spoken to.

- Andy Dorff/Sportstalk host, Phoenix, Philadelphia & New Jersey

Congratulations . . . a tour de force.

- Kate DeLancey/WFAN Radio, New York City

I can't stand Bonds, but you've done a good job with a difficult subject.

- Grant Napier/Sportstalk host, Sacramento

Steve's a literate ex-athlete, an ex-Trojan and a veteran of Hollywood, too.

- Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton/XTRA Radio, San Diego

A great book about a great player.

- KTHK Radio, Sacramento

A gem.

- Roseville Press-Tribune

Here's the man to talk to regarding the subject of Barry Bonds.

- John Lobertini/KPIX TV, San Francisco

He's enlightened us on the subject of Bonds, his father, and Godfather, Willie Mays.

- Brian Sussman/KPIX TV. San Francisco

I hate Bonds, but you're okay.

- Scott Ferrall/Syndicated national and New York sportstalk host

One of the better baseball books I've read.

- KOA Radio, Denver

. . . the "last word" on Barry Bonds . . .

- Scott Reis/ESPN TV

. . . a hot new biography on Barry Bonds . . .

- Darian Hagan/CNN

. . . one of the great sportswriters on the current American scene, Steve Travers . . .

Joe Shea/Radio talk host; Bradenton, Florida and editor,

To a real pro.

- Jeff Prugh, former Los Angeles Times Atlanta bureau chief

It was a good read.

- Lance Williams/Co-author, Game of Shadows

You’ve done some good writin’, dude.

- KFOG Radio, San Francisco

A very interesting read which is not your average . . . book . . . Steve has achieved his bona fides when it comes to having the credentials to write a book like this.

- Geoff Metcalfe/KSFO Radio, San Francisco

Steve Travers is a true USC historian and a loyal Trojan!

- Former USC football player John Papadakis

Pete Carroll calls you “the next great USC historian,” high praise indeed.

- Rob Fukuzaki/ABC7, Los Angeles

You’re a great writer and I always enjoy your musings . . . particularly on SC football - huge fan!

- Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane

A's Essential: Everything You Need To Be a Real Fan offers a breezy history (with emphasis on the Oakland years), player biographies, Top 10 lists, trivia questions and more about the Athletics' franchise that has resided in Philadelphia, Kansas City and, since 1968, Oakland.

- Bruce Dancis/Sacramento Bee

Steven Travers is one of the most accomplished sports journalists in our nation today . . .


Wow what a great job!!!! . . . I love the book . . . It's one of those you look forward to reading at special times . . . I can't say enough!

- Lonnie White, Los Angeles Times

Steve is the USC historian whose meticulous attention to detail is a revelation. He is the best chronicler of USC ever.

- Chuck Hayes, CRN “Sports Corner”

This is fabulous, just a terrific look at our history. Travers is one of the best writers around.

- Rod Brooks, “Fitz & Brooks Show,” KNBR/San Francisco

You have created a work of art here, an absolutely great book. We love your work.

- Bob Fitzgerald, “Fitz & Brooks Show,” KNBR/San Francisco

When it comes to sports history, this is the man right here.

- Gary Radnich, KRON/San Francisco

Steve combines . . . social and historical knowledge in his writing.

- University of Southern California

Author Steven Travers discusses his new book . . .

- Orange County Register

. . . Join Steve Travers . . . at the Autograph Stage . . .

- ESPN Radio

. . . Steve Travers, author of One Night, Two Teams: Alabama vs. USC and the Game That Changed a Nation . . .

- Los Angeles Daily News

Steve Travers, a sports historian . . .

- Los Alamitos News-Enterprise

Here this dynamic speaker tell how this famous game changed history.

- Friends of the Los Alamitos-Rossmoor Library

Travers presents this particular game in 1970 as a metaphor for the profound changes in social history during the emancipation of the South.

- Publishers Weekly

. . . Explored in rich, painstaking detail by Steve Travers.

  • Jeff Prugh, L.A. Times beat writer who covered the 1970 USC-Alabama game

This is a fabulous book.

- Michaela Pereira/KTLA 5, Los Angeles

To America

The Promised Land

That I love

Photo captions


Photo captions




Introduction: The worship book

A palace in the hills

Go ahead, take a bite out of the Big Apple

The rivalry

The cultural divide

The heroes

The New Rome


A midsummer's dream

There's no business like show business

Los Angeles

San Francisco

Death struggle

Beat L.A.!


The Missiles of October

The brink

Rivals then and now

Carthage is destroyed

The October of their years





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NEW YORK, L. A. AND SAN FRANCISCO IN OCTOBER OF ‘62 iconBasın Duyurusu Oracle OpenWorld San Francisco 2008 Konferansı 43. 000’in Üzerinde Katılımcıyı Ağırladı San Francisco, ABD – 08 Ekim 2008

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NEW YORK, L. A. AND SAN FRANCISCO IN OCTOBER OF ‘62 iconLos Angeles (3) – San Diego San Francisco (3)- Las Vegas (2)

NEW YORK, L. A. AND SAN FRANCISCO IN OCTOBER OF ‘62 iconSebastián Francisco de Miranda y Rodríguez


NEW YORK, L. A. AND SAN FRANCISCO IN OCTOBER OF ‘62 iconBorn: January 12, 1876 San Francisco, California

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